Invisalign Patient Testimonials

Abena Williams

Dr Kurtz and his team worker are great , and they have lots of patience and great customer service

Sohail Sohail

It's a very nice place to go for see dentist, doctors and staff are amazing ,excellent job did for my son ,affordable money installments, very cooperative team,

Vita Pantaleo

Great staff and amazing customer service. Competitive pricing.

Afnan Shaheed

Dr. Kurtz provides the best possible service to ensure his customers get the best smile. The whole process for the Invisalign treatment from start to finish has been a very pleasant experience as the staff works diligently. They were even helpful after the treatment as I had concerns regarding my retainers.

Anthony I

I attended the Bathurst and Lawrence location. Dr. Kurtz and his team are over the top friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. From my first visit to my last they exceeded my expectations. Dr Kurtz clearly has extensive knowledge with Invisalign and is able to correct all problems quickly and without hesitation. They also don’t give you attitude or get upset when you ask questions… they are very patient and explain things thoroughly. I only have one set of teeth but if I had more, I’d go back! If your teetering between pulling the trigger or waiting a bit longer, don’t hesitate. You can rest assured your in good hands.

Also, they quoted significantly less than my family dentist, were able to submit the paperwork to my benefit company , and even offer a referral bonus!

Thanks Team! Another satisfied patient.

Caribe Del Mar

Nice big clinic, friendly staff, especially Dr. KURTZ, fast and easy procedures. Finally I feel excited getting my retainers on September 21, 2022 since I started my trays in Jan 2022. The best thing with the aligners and retainers is that I eat foods and drink with them with no problem except they get stained or a little yellowish drinking black coffee or tea and by eating fast foods with mustard or turmeric. The dental cleaners I bought from clears the stain on the invisaligners. Since then I only drink coffee with cream or milk. I ordered 4 retainers so I have backups to wear while cleaning the stained retainer. I love them because I can eat with them and rinse them after eating so this thing can prevent further tooth decay and save my time and money going to a dentist 2x a year. I definitely recommend them to others.

Assia Wahab

Today was my first time visiting this place they are very friendly and kind, they made me feel very comfortable I love it I was referred by my sister and I am happy I listened to her


Misun Choi

Always a good experience. Would recommend others who are wishing to get Invisalign. 🙂


Javier Peralta

Great customer service. Staff is very polite and professional.


Andrea F

Visited a few times and each time the service was immaculate. Friendly group of people who explains your procedures step by step on each visit. Short wait times with a lot of visuals of your progress. Would definitely recommend.

Raisa Pesel

Just finished my Invisalign with Dr Kurtz and am happy with the results. It took me 6 years, lots of adjustments and trays, but worth at the end. I referred two of my friends and they too had a very positive experience.

Everyone in the office was always super kind and Dr Kurtz was so patient with me as I kept asking for specific adjustments towards the end of my treatment. Thank you!

Catherine K.

The services are quite remarkable and the doctor is so good and i highly recommend 100% i feel cared for and results so far is amazing.

May Y.

Professional & Efficient
Dr. Kurtz saved me tons of time to get my orthodontic treatment started. Everything they do is client oriented.

Jordyn V.

Everything I expected and more
Very in-depth , friendly and accommodating.

Ilan L.

Professional & Reliable Staff with Exceptional Quality
Regardless of how complicated your dental case is, Dr. Kurtz and his team will surely take care of you from beginning to end of your dental/invisalign journey. Every appointment I have attended in the past year and a half has been accommodating and made my experience as comfortable as it can be. High Five to the folks at Dental Arts on Front! Thanks.

Hayley V.

Friendly Office
Explained everything to me in a way I could easily digest. Excited to fix me teeth.

Carolina E.

Great Clinic
This clinic is efficient, friendly, clean and knowledgeable.

Safaa S.

high quality service and friendly!
I went in to get my first set of Invisalign and was super pleased with my service! They were super knowledgeable and gave a thorough explanation about the use and care of Invisalign!! So excited to start this journey 🙂

Safaa S.

super friendly!
My sister and I went in today for our Invisalign consultation. Everyone was super friendly, knowledgeable, and professional! We are excited to start our treatment with this team!!

Melissa C.

Professional and Friendly
I am close to finishing my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Kurtz. Every time I am there for an appointment I am greeted by name and always made feel welcome. They always provide fast and efficient appointments.

Don G.

Exceptionally Friendly Service .Always Prompt to respond to Concerns
The Invisalign Process/Experience has almost come to and end for me It has been just over 12 months .I will miss my visits to a friendly and dedicated front desk staff.. My experience was so easy and ultimately extremely successful. My before and after amazes me.Dr.Kurtz and staff of Invisalign specialists are #1 in expertise and patient care.Thanks to All for a pleasant and successful experience.

Krystal A.

Wonderful Staff
The whole team here are fantastic - accommodating to my harried schedule, empathetic to my concerns. Many have had invisalign themselves so can speak personally to their experiences. I have a great smile now and so happy I did this with them.
Thorough, professional, top drawer!

Susan S

Wonderful Staff
The whole team here are fantastic - accommodating to my harried schedule, empathetic to my concerns. Many have had invisalign themselves so can speak personally to their experiences. I have a great smile now and so happy I did this with them.
Thorough, professional, top drawer!

Sheliza J.

High Quality, Professional Service
Dental Arts on Front has a spa feel with is exceptional service and clean and crisp decor. All the staff are always smiling and happy to serve you not to mention they are very efficient and organized.
From my consultation to the completion of my treatment, I was treated very well and any issues I had were addressed in a very timely manner.
I recommend Dental Arts to anyone considering Invisalign for Dr.Kurtz and his teams professionalism and care.

Alyson R

Quick and Professional
I was pleased to have received an initial appointment without delay, and found Dr. Kurtz to be knowledgeable and personable. The staff were very professional and were able to meet my difficult scheduling needs. Definitely recommend their office!

Stephanie P.

Lovely staff!

Ahmed T.

Very very high quality
Smart people very respectful
The place super clean 100% I give more then 5 stars and most important you can trust them
Best clinic in all Toronto

Sofia A.

Informative and friendly appointments always
Every appointment is inviting and efficient. The staff are very personable and knowledgable and care about any concerns you may have.
Thank you!

Hassan C.

Great staff, awesome sergice and beautiful office
The staff are very kind and professional. Always accommodated my schedule for follow-up appointments. Office looks brand new and modern. Important for me especially when going to the dentist. Dr. Kurtz is great. My Invisalign procedure was done and I had been wearing retainers for a couple of months. I went back for additional consulting, Dr. Kurtz took me in, provided consultation and even slightly trimmed my teeth without any additional costs. Thank you Dental Arts At Front. You guys are great and I will continue to refer you guys to others.

Sue H.

A very clean clinic with warm friendly and professional service. Highly recommended

Lauren T.

Professional as always
They are always so welcoming and friendly. Also I'm never there too long because they are able to do what they need to do rapidly. I have four more trays to go and my teeth are looking great!

alawia s

High quality, professional, super friendly
everyone at this office is beyond friendly and sweet. they make you feel like a respected guest, greeting you with your name every time and super courteous. Dr Kurtz is also very lovely, knowledgeable and friendly and strives to make you happy which makes you trust him. i've never had service like this at any dental or health office before.

Eve O.

Consistently amazing
I was towards the end of my treatment when I'd to leave the country at short notice. A year later I'm back and the team at dental arts couldn't have made it an easier process. Always friendly and professional, they didn't question and continued my treatment as if I never left. Everyone is lovely and I really trust Dr. Kurtz and his team.

Bonnie G.

"Fact finding" appointment - I had lots of questions
Everyone, from Cecelia and the other woman at the front desk, to friendly Dr. Jeremy Kurtz, to Amber, the financial expert, was helpful and pleasant. And all my questions were answered!

yuni K.

So kind and professional and organized even though its always busy there ,, and best choice for my teeth...

Joe A

Nice people
Very technological

Chantel M.

Amazing and seamless.. Making the dentist painless
I felt super comfortable and super confident in the treatment process and would recommend to everyone interested!

Ilan L.

Incredibly professional
Great place, already know I will be a customer after one visit

Eimhear B.

Professional and personable
I recently went for a consultation at Dental arts on Front street. After a recommendation from a friend. They were so professional and personable and really catered to my needs as a new client, making me feel comfortable every step of the way. I have now just started my invisalign treatment and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering it. I will post more about my experience over the coming month but so far so good.

Becky B.

Friendly and clean and close to my work
Friendly staff. Went over and above to enquire about best way to claim for my benefits.

Priya B

Professional, Honest and Friendly
I'm only on my second visit here - with many to come, but so far i've experienced lovely, genuine and professional people working here. Their commitment to getting you the best smile is evident and the quality of work they've proven so far is worth every cent.

Alice P.

Highly professional
Since the first request, all the people working at the centre have been so helpful and very professional.
Whenever you have a question, you'll be answered.
Looking forward the next appointment!

Moe f.

price is alright not low!
They gave me a price quote simillar to others for invisalign!

Daryl C.

Professional, Friendly, and Informative.
I felt the information and conversations with Jeremy &Amber were trustworthy. I would recommend to friends.

Melanie R.

Fantastic experience - such a positive environment.

Sofia A.

Informative, accommodating, and friendly
I went in for my first set of Invisalign trays today and the staff were welcoming and warm and informed me of all I needed to know. Thank you dental arts team for being so attentive and kind!

Heidi E.

When I was having my Xrays done I asked the technician, how it is possible for a possible to attract such consistently nice people. So rare these days, and SUCH a pleasant change, thank you. I've been to see you twice now and both times it was friendly, efficient, nice, and a pleasure. Thank you. ~ heidi

J F.

I have no patience so the fact that the appointment was quick and concise was great..

Dave T.

Very knowledgable , no pressure and easy to understand the whole process
I was very pleased with my visit today !
Thank you

F. G.

Very Professional
Very courteous and professional staff, no long waits, great service.

Franco E.

Responsible, Courteous & Top Quality
Dr. Jeremy Kurtz and his well trained team, always deliver a top notch performance. I get a sense of fulfillment, because they provide a worry free environment, due to their reliability and professional approach.

sarah s.

I will be sad when I am no longer a patient of Dr. Kurtz
I cannot recommend Invisalign or Dr. Kurtz enough. I went in for a consultation without the full expectation of going through with the treatment but the staff and Dr.Kurtz made me feel so comfortable and were so accommodating that I knew I needed to do this. They are so flexible with appointments and offer payment plans if you need them. I am about a month away from being finished with my Invisalign treatment and have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about the entire experience. I will miss seeing Dr.Kurtz and the staff when I finish next month

Heidi E.

Thank you
Everyone was efficient, friendly, punctual, and knew their stuff. A pleasure. Thank you. ~ heidi

Jahshona G.

Friendly, and helpful.
I was nervous at first, however the staff at dental arts are very inviting. It was an amazing positive atmosphere. I am very excited about next steps.

Helen S.

Professional and friendly
Dr Kurtz is very knowledgeable, professional and answers any questions you may have and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful!

Shannon M.

High Quality and Friendly Service
All of the staff are super friendly and helpful. Dr Kurtz is very friendly, professional, and very experienced. He patiently went through the process of getting Invisalign's for my 16 year old son who has Asperger's (high functioning autism and with tactile sensitivity). Dental Arts has all of the latest equipment, which was great because my son would have had to have molds taken for his teeth. Instead, they used a high tech tooth scanner to make a digital copy of his teeth. Dr Kurtz then plans out the teeth movements digitally to make the trays. I would recommend to anyone interested in getting Invisalign braces to visit Dr Jeremy Kurtz and his wonderful staff at Dental Arts at Front, or at their second location on Eglinton

Shannon M.

High Quality Of Service
When we arrived, staff were very friendly and courteous. I liked that I could enter my son's medical history into a laptop, and not have to write it all out. I think that it would be great if they had a kiosk that patients use to identify they are there for a specified appointment, and could enter their medical information and insurance info into it. Any information that is changed can be easily updated on it. This would alleviate the extra work for the receptionist.
Since my son and I were there to get a quote on the Invisalign, I was most impressed with Dr Jeremy Kurtz's knowledge on the whole process of how the Invisalign works. Using his computerized Invisalign program and a large flat screen on the wall, he was able to deftly demonstrate via pictures/video the entire process so that we both understood it. I was most impressed, because I went to another orthodontist, and he didn't completely communicate how the teeth would be moved out to straighten them and make space, then move them back in to remove the gaps.
Dr Kurtz also does not use moulding trays to make impressions of the teeth, he has a scanner for that. My son has Asperger's and is tactile sensitive, and that alone is a plus.
I was also impressed by his colleague Jackie, who was very friendly and helpful when she talked about the quote on the Invisalign for my son. She was able to bring him out of his shell and get him to talk - and even laugh! She explained what was entirely included in the quote and how long the quote was good for. For instance, teeth whitening is included, as well as corrective trays and the mouth guard that needs to be used during the night after having your teeth straightened.
The price of the Invisalign was $2000 less than the other orthodontist quoted me. I may even get Invisalign in the future with Dr Jeremy Kurtz because it is now affordable, and his expertise and friendliness!

Janice J.

High Quality Service and Friendly Staff
Visiting the office is always a joy. The staff are friendly and patient, and treat you with smiles and understanding at all times. Dr. Jeremy Kurtz is professional and innovative, considering the all the aspects from your perspective and patiently answering my questions and providing me options. Overall I am glad that they are the ones who are taking care of my teeth 🙂

william m.

Friendly, easy going, experienced, knowledgable
Felt comfortable, a they specialize specifically in re-aligning teeth only. 10,000 hours is the rule of thumb that gives someone the intuitive knowledge of what is just right and what isnt right. The doctor is great, and he has this experience that will leave you feeling comfortable. NOt the cheapest around,defn not the most expensive, but you bite and smile.. you want to risk it saving 500-1000 bucks ? really ? no.. you know.. it an investment and will bring happiness and enjoyment and fulfilment with business and pleasure - those priceless moments.
I am grateful to have cross paths and today have signed up for a 15 months invisalign treatment.

M N.

high quality, informative and professional
Jeremy is very knowledgeable and the staff is very friendly. The place is very clean, which is very important.

Ieln E.

Great First Impression
Everything about our recent visit was professional, informational, friendly and efficient. So far, it has only been one visit, but it's a great first impression.

Shannon G.

Professional and Friendly
Good experience, all my questions were answered.

Vanessa G.

Professional service in a very friendly environment
The team at Dental Arts are fabulous and extremely professional. You are greeted with smiles every visit and the care is excellent. They genuinly care about each and every client. My teeth are progressing really well and I am thrilled with the relsults to date. Dr.Kurtz is great and treats all his clients with respect and is very gentle when working on your teeth. I highly recommend Dental Arts for orthodontic care.

Rebecca H.

Expert Knowledge & Friendly Service
Awesome experience, super friendly, and likely the most knowledgeable dentist doing Invisiline in TO.

Jorge T.

Excellent service and very friendly environment
Very professional and always willing to help all the customers, I would definitely recommend it to anyone

Kirk C.

Great service
Highly recommend

Meline S.

Quick and easy
Staff were ready for me, no delays and I was in and out quickly, but never felt rushed. Very happy.

Georgia C.

Great service. Very happy overall.
I had a great experience. Staff were friendly, answered all my questions straightforwardly and I felt all were knowledgable about Invisalign overall.
They also have much better technology than other dentists I consulted, it was a free consultation (not the case at all other dentists) and the price was reasonable as well with several financing options available to pay including a discount if you pay in full up front.
Other dentists I consulted wanted to take a physical mould of of teeth and told me digital scans did not exist. Turns out that wasn't true as this business takes digital images of your teeth which is more precise.

garth R.

Very efficient and friendly
I found the office to be well organized and time efficient. Very willing to accommodate a client's schedule and priorities.
A good example of a 'client first' service provider.

Ale P.

Great service, very professional and nice environment
Dr. Kurtz was extremely helpful and answered patiently all my questions. He seemed knowledgable and also very polite! Location is also super convenient, right in the downtown core.

Sara G.

Very personable and honest, very informative and everyone is very friendly here. Would recommend

Shawna K.

Efficient and friendly experience
Had a great visit to Dental Arts. Jenny at the front desk was so friendly and welcoming, and she answered all my questions. They ran on schedule and I was in & out quickly. I am excited about starting my Invisalign treatment with them!

Barry G.

First Class all the Way
Great staff, very professional, and never have to wait.
Very high-tech office with all the latest technologies.

Ryan L.

Great Ortho Experience.
Outstanding environment, helpful staffs and an excellent orthodontist = excellent experience.

Liat S.

Professional and Lovely staff!
I visited Dental Arts for a consultation, thanks to a referral from a friend.
Dr Kurtz was very friendly, knowledgable, patient and professional, as were all of his staff.
I felt very comfortable asking questions and the staff were all very happy to assist with lots of information! They were not pushy and very pleasant to talk to.
I was also encouraged to go for consultations at other facilities, which I found to be very honest and good customer-based practice on their end.
Looking forward to my next visit!

Peter V.

Excellent customer service
Good Job!!!

Andrea C.

Friendly and Efficient
I found the staff at your office incredibly friendly, informative and efficient. All the information I needed was provided in a timely, precise and illuminating fashion. The office itself was clean, modern and comfortable. Very professional.

Katherine C.

Very professional, nice staff. Went in for a (free) invasalign consultation and didn't feel pressured into anything, which was great since I wasn't too sure what I could afford. But they were accommodating and straightforward and I was definitely impressed. I'm looking forward to getting my teeth straightened with them soon.

maricor l.

friendly looking staff
I just had my consultation at this location I had great experienced knowing that I am candidate of having invisalign the doctor explained very well how's the invisalign will work and solve my dental case, I defenitely would love come back here.

André C.

What an amazing experience!
I could not have been more impressed with my consultation today with Dr. Kurtz! He was extremely knowledgeable of the invisalign system and what I can expect over the next 15 months. He took the time to show me other cases similar to mine so I had a strong understanding of the process.
Based on my experience, what sets him apart from others is the active interest he took in what my orthodontic goals are and how his services can help achieve those goals.
Dr. Kurtz and his entire team did not treat me like a patient number. They took the time to listen to what I had to say, which was a breath of fresh air.
Especially for anyone like myself who has been discouraged by an unfortunate and impersonal consultation - I strongly recommend Dr. Kurtz!

Dany S.

Had a very pleasant experience from beginning to end.

Christy H.

The Staff are really friendly and the technology they're using is very awesome! Seeing my potential future smile, straightened in 3D blew me away!

Ann H.

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Dental Arts and Dr. Kurtz. I'm a busy professional working downtown and have very little spare time. I had my appointment today to remove the buttons and I was back in the office within half an hour. And the efficiency doesn't take away from the good quality and amazing results I've seen with my teeth. Very friendly, professional staff who aren't pushy and are willing to work with you. Great job Dr. Kurtz and team 🙂

Ankit S.

Always a pleasent experience. Staff is as friendly as the Dr. Kurtz himself. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for an orthodontist.

Leslee Q.

I would recommend
Everyone was very pleasant in the office. Dr. Kurtz was very knowledgeable and very professional.
I would recommend everyone to this dentist office

Victoria N.

Very accommodating and kind staff!
I got Invisalign with Dr. Jeremy Kurtz. My treatment is slated to run until June of next year. Unexpectedly, I learned I have to move to the US for the next four months and the sweet secretary Jennifer scheduled me in right away to meet with Jeremy. The entire staff was super supportive as they've always been! And Jeremy touched up my teeth and gave me all the trays I'll need until I return.
Love this place!

Catie E.

Excellent Treatment - Great Staff & Amazing Office
I would highly recommend Dental Arts at Front to anyone considering getting Invisalign. The staff are extremely welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly which makes the experience a positive one. The office is clean, modern and has a great atmosphere; in addition, the technology they use is state of the art making things faster and more efficient - not to mention painless! Dr. Kurtz has invested in his business to ensure patients have the best experience possible which I truly appreciate. I am extremely happy I chose Dental Arts for my treatment.

Shanti Adair

he’s so nice ! his hole staff is amazing such nice people! & absolutely love what he’s doing such a great job!! definitely worth it

Janine Katsiris

I started my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Kurtz in July 2020, and have had great success thus far. Dr. Kurtz and his staff are incredibly friendly and professional. I would recommend Dr. Kurtz.

Patty Robinson

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kurtz for 8 years now and he is an awesome doctor. I recommend him.

Jayden Jay

I started my Invisalign treatment with Dr Kurtz. In January of this year. And to be completely honest he’s the best him and his staff so nice and professional. I would recommend them to anybody

Snejana Sabeva

Simply, he is the best. A professional with a big heart.

Taya Kozak-Goebel

We had been to a few other offices about Invisalign and decided on Dr. Kurtz. He gave us a great price compared to other Orthodontist offices, he explained things very clearly and patiently, he had top of the line equipment, the staff were all very nice and he instilled confident in us that he knows what he’s doing. Not overly pushy and I didn’t feel like I was being over sold.

Jonny Fanning

Absolutely phenomenal experience from start to finish. From going in for a consultation for invisalign to being finished with it now, Dr. Kurtz and his amazing team always made me feel welcome and cared for. Even dropping in unannounced to buy the cleaning tablets for my invisalign I was welcomed by name and a ‘good to see you’ which really stood out to me. They are a dental practice with 5 star luxury hotel customer service. During the beginning of the pandemic they were so helpful with getting trays out to me, which I know from my friends experiences, other dentists didn’t. They’re a class act and you’d be crazy not to go here for your invisalign needs. Thank you so much Dr. Kurtz and team.

Emma O'Callaghan

I just completed my Invisalign treatment with Dr Kurtz and highly recommend him and his team. A great experience from start to finish-thanks for everything

Greter Cañizares Perez

He is amazing, I am already in my process and i am noticing the change!

Natasha A Dandie

I’ve been using Invisalign since March and I love what I see so far

Lindsay O'Connell

Just finished my Invisalign treatment! I would 100% recommend Dr.Kurtz and the dental arts team. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. I am very happy with the results �
Thanks again!

Sarah Stiny

Best experience I've ever had at the dentist !!! Love Dr.Krutz and all the staff @ Dental Arts. Couldn't recommend Invisalign or Dr.Kurtz more! Thanks so much for everything. I will be sad when I finish my treatment and see you guys less !

Cheryl Bezzina

DR Kurtz gave me the perfect smile!! Have received many compliments!! thank you!
5 stars

Dee Dwyer

Great doctor 🙂

Natasha Hrycauk

DR Kurtz made me love my smile again!!!

Abena Williams

Dr Kurtz and his team worker are great , and they have lots of patience and great customer service

Chioma Isaiah

Amazing experience. Everyone was so nice and helpful

Cyrid Loach

Dr. Jeremy Kurtz and his team are absolutely amazing. My expectations have been far exceeded. To comment on one aspect of my experience would be unjust to him and his team. My appts are always on time, thus Ive never waited longer than 5 mins within my arrival time to been seen. The office is obviously well managed (and has state of art technology). The entire team is caring and respectful. I was able to decide my own type of payment schedule without a hint mistrust being indicated (talk about tailored service!). I'm in awe of this place. I personally would recommend to experience Dental Arts for yourself. I have #invisaligns and I love what it has done for my confidence. I SMILE SO incredibly BIG in every picture and social event now! I get so much compliments on my teeth and some ppl think I got veneers (lol). I also recieved a complimentary whitening kit at my last appointment. You can't lose with Dr. Jeremy Kurtz and his team! His office was the best decision I have made with respects to ortho.

Antoniette Palumbo

I went in for a consultation and met the assistant, Shelly within a few minutes of arriving. She was very pleasant and ran some scans of my teeth and very shortly afterwards, the Dr Kurtz came in to discuss my situation. He was very professional and provided all the information I needed. I was very pleased with the entire experience.

lindsay o'connell

I recently came back to Dental Arts at Lawrence after finishing my Invisalign treatment a few years ago. My teeth ended up shifting since my dog ate my night tray (yes— it really does happen!) I’m so glad I came back. After a few years of not wearing anything, Dr. Kurtz had my teeth straight again in just two months! I would definitely recommend Dr. Kurtz and his amazing team 👏🏻

Abdifatah Adan

Service was wonderful and stuff was friendly the Best Invisalign lawrence office Toronto and i want To thank you Dr kurtz.

Caribe del Mar

Nice big clinic, nice staff, fast and easy procedures

Novelette Graham (Jdaamaris adventures)

The friendliness and knowledge was priceless. Looking forward to starting my invisalign

Lloyd Gallon

I had a wonderful experience with Dental Arts at Front. Dr. Kurtz was amazing and took such great care of me during every visit. He was incredibly kind and patient and accommodated any refinements I suggested until a felt I was ready for my retainers. All the other staff were fantastic as well. I highly recommend anyone interested in getting Invisalign to definitely book a consultation with Dr. Kurtz. I also referred a friend, and they had a wonderful experience as well.

Amy Nguyen

Love it here. All employees are knowledgeable and helpful. The process is easy and quick. They also offer multiple payment options. Highly recommend


Dr. Kurtz & his staff are all amazing. They’ve all been so kind and professional. They have really made my experience a great one! Never wait for an appointment, they’ve always been accommodating to all of my needs and have gone above and beyond to help me!

Ryan Mckinney

Just starting my Invisalign experience with you guys and I'm so excited! All the staff are very friendly, welcoming and helpful. I feel very looked after. Would absolutely recommend Dental Arts at Front! 5* 😀

Aleksandra Vald

Very happy to

Harneet Rai

The best decision I made was to get Invisalign from Dental Arts. The entire team were amazing from start to finish, I cannot say enough about how great they all are!! So friendly, so kind, and they made me feel very taken care of. They made the entire process very easy and stress free. I knew immediately that I was in great hands. Dr. Kurtz and his team did an amazing job throughout the treatment, making sure that I was happy with the treatment plan, explaining everything that will be done, answering all my questions, and giving me very exceptional care! I recommend anyone that is thinking about getting Invisalign to get it from Dr. Kurtz and the team at Dental Arts. You will not regret it!

P C Spe

Dr Kurtz and all the staff makes my visit to office very pleasant. Dr. Kurtz avails himself if there are any concerns or questions. If you are looking for a great experience when it come to Invisalign. Then this is your Dentist.

Vanessa abboud

Amazing service! Very friendly and the staff made me feel comfortable and excited to start my journey on perfect teeth!

Alina Stoicescu

Truly an amazing office that is focused on helping you achieve the results you want. Staff is friendly and Dr.Kurtz explains the process/ progress in detail. They have the newest equipment which allows patients to visually see the changes and customized plan.


The service I receive at this dental office is amazing. They are all so kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking to get aligners.


Dr. Kurtz was a pleasure to deal with, and the results were excellent

Shantii Adair

they do a great job ! & amazing nice people always a place that’ll put a smile on my face with how everyone is so happy & helpful. & they understand you & will work things out with you ! great people

nicholas buncic

I started my Invisalign journey down at the Front street west location before the start of the pandemic, and recently finished up at the Lawrence Ave west location closer to my home. I was struck by the courteousness, efficiency and professionalism of the staff at both locations, and impressed by their adroit management of services throughout the pandemic. Dr. Kurtz and his team were absolutely fabulous to work with throughout this process. It’s clear that Dr. Kurtz went the extra mile for me, and most importantly I’m very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend Dental Arts at Front-Invisalign Toronto.

Fernando Marques

I had Invisalign done and the results were amazing. I’m very happy. The office was very organized, received confirmation emails and reminders via text. They have 2 great offices which I went to both based on my schedules. The environment was very positive always and the staff very friendly each visit. Based on my experience and results I recommend them to everyone. Thanks again Dental arts for a great experience and keeping me smiling.

Suzanne Sinclair

I was unhappy with my teeth. I spoke with my dentist about getting an invisalign and I was told my best choice would be metal braces. I wanted something that was more discreet and invisalign would definitely be the right choice for me. I was referred to Dental arts for my Invisalign treatment. The staff is amazing and Dr.kurtz is very friendly and knowledgeable. I was told I needed metal braces but Dr.kurtz has proven my dentist to be wrong invisalign can do the job as well. My confidence has improved before I used to hide my smile but now I don't do that anymore. I am very pleased with my invisalign results and I would definitely recommend Dental Arts to others.


Dr. Kurtz is very knowledgeable, friendly and the staff are accommodating. He is an expert when it comes to invisalign treatment.

Derek Gao

Very professional and patient

Jenna Wiltshire

Amazing service!!! Love my results!!

Elizabeth Thomas

The Absolute best experience. Dr. Kurtz is phenomenal. I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better specialist. Location is well kept, staff members are very professional. I would totally recommend this office to everyone. I completed my Invisalign program today and I’m super happy with the results. THANK YOU DR. KURTZ! ❤️

Tom Katz

Dr Kurtz is very helpful and wants you to do well during your process with your invasline and will do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face at the end amazing company.


Dr. Jeremy Kurtz and his staff were pleasant, professional and efficient from my first appointment to my last. I am so very pleased with my new improved smile and would highly recommend him.

Eshan Gaffar

Amazing experience. Dr Kurtz is very professional and very kind. Always with a smile and wellcoming. My daughter has her treatment done there. Wellcoming staff also. We are very satisfied with the treatment and my daughter got her smile back. One of her canine tooth was crooked and did not have space to grow. Dr Kurtz did an amazingly good job. She has 3 months more before the treatment is completely done.Her teeth has been aligned perfectly now. Thanks Dr Kurtz

Victoria Boone

Dr. Kurtz and his team have made my experience very comfortable. Everyone is extremely professional and friendly. Dr. Kurtz is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain procedures and next steps, as well as asking for clients thoughts and concerns throughout the process. I am extremely happy with the services provided. I would recommend visiting Dental Arts for your Invisalign needs.

Mel Rose

First of all, the staff is amazing!!! As for the man himself, Dr. Kurtz, top notch. He does not stop until he reaches perfection. I’m very happy with the service and extremely happy with the results thus far. Worth every penny!

Markham Lady

Dr.Jeremy Kurtz is a very knowledgeable, polite and phenomenal Dentist. His staff is also professional, consistent and provide excellent client experience. I’m so happy I chose Dr.Kurtz, I’m very happy with my results using Invisalign. His prices are also competitive. Happy I did not go with the first dentist who wanted to remove some of my teeth and charge me thousands of dollars more with braces..

Thank you Dr.Kurtz and the entire Dental Arts staff!
I’m so happy with my new smile! 😀

Carmen AM

Dr. Kurtz and the whole team are very professional and friendly, appointments are always on point, and the clinic is spotless. It’s been five months since I started my treatment and I’m very happy with how my teeth look already.

Zivran Ali Khan

It’s has great results and excellent service !!

adrianna cube

Very nice staff!! I love it here


Very professional staff with fantastic customer service. Dr. Kurtz is awesome. He explains the plan that best suites your personal goals with visual demonstration. Cost varies by case but I fell the cost is worth it and very affordable. Glad I didn't do this 15yrs ago with metal braces. I've had no issues, can eat/drink anything without worrying about certain food getting stuck in my teeth and not being about to get it out. What are you waiting for, its time to invest in yourself. 🙂

Heather M

Super friendly, professional and very accommodating, they make everything so easy. Highly recommend.

Michael Oppong

Great group of people, and the dentist actually cares about making your smile look as perfect as possible. 10/10 would recommend

Lassie Khan

The dentist here is amazing always friendly open And very reasonable. The office is impeccably clean and very modern equipment. As well, dental assistants are excellent and very friendly. Makes going to the dentist not such a bad thing and actually a positive experience.

Neil Baird

Nothing but praise for Dr. Kurtz and his great team of assistants, now that I am nearing the end of my 50 weeks of Invisalign tooth straightening. From beginning to end, the process went smoothly, with extremely professional and friendly service. Thanks everyone at Dental Arts.

Yousuf Khushal

Dental Arts incredibly remarkable for Invisalign.

Elizabeth Blanco

I just finished my full treatment, and I have nothing but good things to say about the Dental Arts team. They're efficient while also being extremely friendly/helpful. I was always seen as soon as I got to my appts and was always out within 15 minutes feeling like I received proper care. They also addressed each of the corrections I wanted when we were refining the end result. If you're looking to get Invisalign, this team is a great choice.

Malinda Bush Sandor

Dr. Kurtz and his wonderful team were amazing from the get-go. They gave me a free consultation, worked out a great payment plan, followed their guidelines of withdrawing payment once a month on time, and were very flexible during COVID-19. When I couldn't be seen in person, Dr. Kurtz hosted zoom calls with me to check on my progressed and mailed my trays to my house when I ran out. Overall they are a fantastic group and I wish they did basic dentistry as well so I could go there for everything!

Angela Fok

Loved my experience at Dental Arts with Dr. kurtz. He took the time to sit down with me and go over my invisalgin case in detail. After reviewing my teeth, he then showed me several cases of similar cases and how he would opt to shift my teeth. My previous consults with orthodontists were very poor as I felt like I was just a chicken in an assembly line. However Dr. Kurtz was very attentive, personable, and ensured all my questions were answered. As a result, I've decided to go with him for my invisaligns!

Mr Oli

I love the care & professionalism they did on making my smile great again. I personally liked how smooth the whole transformation went the entire year. I would strongly recommend anyone to come & get their chicklets straightened at Dental Arts.

cherish king

Dr Kurtz and his team have treated me for the past few years. I haven’t always been the model patient as my job is extremely demanding. I’ve been sporadic with my care and at times I’ve dropped off their radar completely. I’ve always been welcomed back with open arms and a smile from the whole team. Dr.Kurtz has never made me feel bad for my inconsistency with my care. He is a perfectionist and it truly shows in the work he’s done on me. The hygienists at the facility are amazing as well! They go above and beyond. I have a piercing under my tongue that needs to be cleaned with a Specific tool. One of the hygienists cleans it without me even asking! On top of all that my care has expired and Dr.Kurtz has yet to charge me extra for my appointments. If you’re wondering whether you’ll be in good hands at Dental Arts at Front... The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!

Denise Donkor

I found Dr. Jeremy Kurtz on my hunt to fix my teeth through a Google search. It was the best decision I have ever made! The consultantion was comforting, the staff were amazing. I immediately decided that this was the home for me. They offer many payment options which is beneficial for those without insurance, the visits aren't to frequent so the drive isnt bad at all. They actually take the time to analyze your situation and formulate the best plan as you go along your journey. I've had braces before and invisaglin is a walk in the park. All the dental hygienists were so sweet and easy to talk to made my visits easier. Dr. Kurtz made sure to explain every transition in detail and was always willing to explain further. The secatries were wonderful, they were professional, friendly and a joy to hold conversations with. I've already recommended them to many friends and family members and have already gone and have experienced the same experience I had.
Thank you!

Marcus Ramsawak

I’ve only started my Invisalign treatment today, but my two appointment that preceded me getting my Ali gets were nothing but great. The staff at Dental Arts Front Street is very helpful and kind. They talked to me through the treatment process, they handled the billing to my insurance and it’s just been great. Office is nicely located downtown across from the Rogers Centre, office is very clean and can accommodate more than one appointment. Also the price was amazing. I was referred by my friend and she said the same thing I’m writing here.

Jack Benz

Excellent crew, It’s almost finished my teeth.
I can’t wait to see it.
Always thanks.

Marie Maurel

Dr Kurtz and his team are very efficient at what they're doing, it took no longer than 20 mins to convince me to start my Invisalign treatment

Maddy D

Dr. Kurtz and the entire staff at this Invisalign clinic are fantastic. The appointments are always on time, the staff is very courteous, well trained and knowledgeable. The office is extremely clean and well appointed. The service is absolutely impeccable and very well priced for the results. Visited 5 other places before picking Dental Arts and the experience has been incredible in every aspect. Highly recommend Dr. Kurtz and the team.

Alexander Mayer

Great experience. Excellent quality of work and client attitude. I strongly recommend Dr.Jeremy Kurtz as a true professional.

Candace C

I received invisalign treatment from Dr Kurtz once before about 8 years ago. As my teeth had shifted over the years from failing to consistently wear my retainers, I decided I would have them redone again and was pleasantly surprised to learn he had opened a second location since then up the street from where I was. Both experiences have been excellent. Dr Kurtz is really knowledgeable at what he does and his practice is always clean, efficient and organized. Highly recommend him for anyone considering invisalign treatment!

Malitha Gomes

It is a great experience to get my Invisalign from Dr Kurtz and staff. They are very kind and welcoming. Dr Kurtz explain the process thoroughly and answered all the doubts I had. Highly recommend this place for your Invisalign treatment.

Josh McKever

My entire experience with Dr. Kurtz and the staff at DAAF has been 100% pleasant and enjoyable. Everyone is very nice, Dr. Kurtz explains everything very well, and I'm glad I chose this office for my Invisalign! Highly recommended!

nilanjana biswas

Dr. Jeremy Kurtz does magic! He is a smile creator and this is the best possible invisalign treatment you would get in Toronto! Extremely humble and knowledgeable staff at the Downtown location would make anyone comfortable. They use the most advanced technology and scanning methods which would give you that perfect smile you always wanted. Dr. Kurtz is truly a magician!

Neon Kieu

Legit the best experience ! So happy with my smile!!

Tracy T

I'm almost finished with my Invisalign treatment and am beyond happy with the results! I'm so glad I found Dental Arts two years ago - I had severe crowding and rarely smiled with my teeth showing, but now I have the smile I've always wanted (and I didn't even need to extract any teeth at all)!

I would 100% recommend getting Invisalign treatment with Dr. Kurtz and his team. I get nervous at the dentist but the staff are very friendly, and Dr. Kurtz and Andrina were always patient with me and ensured I was comfortable. Thanks so much for everything!

Nicole Jones

Dr. Kurtz and staff are wonderful. This has been such an amazing experience so far! I can't wait to see the finished result.

Beth Welsh

The team are always friendly and helpful, they know their stuff. My experience has been fantastic.

Claire McKinnon

I had a fantastic experience. The staff is kind and accommodating and set up a payment plan that worked for me. Everyone made sure that I was completely happy with my results before I moved on to my retainer. If you want Invisalign, don't go anywhere else.

Ecen Crosnier

Highly recommend Dr Kurtz and his team ! They are the best in town !

Shay Hibb

Excellent customer service, beautiful office, and pleasant staff. All-around great experience. Highly recommend.

Selma Thaver

Entire staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I had a great experience and would recommend to anyone considering Invisalign.

Alexis Chamberland

So happy with my experience so far! They are so flexible, friendly and professional.

Melissa Cleary

I can’t say enough about the staff and Dr. Kurtz. I was referred by a colleague after wanting to straighten my teeth for a long time. I was walked through the process and always welcomed by name and the friendliest of staff. They were always great to address any concerns and I completed my treatment in 14 months.

So grateful to all of them I now have the perfect smile.

Maria Hinton

I just finished my treatment with Dr. Jeremy Kurtz and I cannot be more happy with how everything turned out. From the very beginning I was comfortable with Dr. Kurtz and his process. Dr. Kurtz and his team took the time to answer all the questions I had and even showed me what my teeth would look like after the treatment. My teeth were a sore spot for me. I was ashamed of them and never smiled at all. I wanted how I felt inside to be reflective on the outside. Now I can all thanks to Dr. Kurtz.

If you're looking to change your smile, I would definitely give Dr. Kurtz and his wonderful team a call.

Amy Wright

Dr. Kurtz is amazing! I have been an invisalign patient of his for the last year and a half. I am very please with the results. His office is clean and his staff are professional and very kind!

Cece C

Dr. Kurtz is great. Very knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly His staff have been amazing throughout my entire Invisalign treatment. 10/10 would recommend this office to anyone interested in Invisalign

Mitchell McNeelands

Amazing service the entire way through my process. I would recommend Dental arts to anyone!

Beverly Huard

I recommend this place 100%!! Staff is amazing, they actually know who you are. Dr Kurtz is very thorough and honest. He answers all your questions.

silke Rudelbach

Oh! The pleasure of having a beautiful smile! Healthy teeth! Healthy me!
My RECOMMENDATION: visit the office and you enter a stunning premise; you'll meet super-kind and friendly people and Dr. Kurtz ~ a multi-level experienced dentist with a different PROFESSIONAL approach: your comfort comes first! DR. KURTZ KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING!

After visiting SIX different dental offices to have an evaluation about my moving teeth, I met THE Dr. Kurtz TEAM and felt instantly welcomed and understood. All other dentists told me how difficult and problematic it would be to correct my 70-years old teeth; I may needed a tooth pulled, or another corrective 'appliance' or this or that --- I was aware that my profile had changed because I had an overbite ~ I needed to change it but I was assured by all dentists that at my ripe age of 73 years a teeth correction would be utterly complicated and costly! But no dentist was able or willing to give me a price!

NOT WITH DR. KURTZ --- he understood instantly my needs; he assured me that it would be an easy process, the results would please me; everything would be easy as 1.2.3. He was able to show me on the computer screen how my teeth would move within one year and how the end results would look ---I even was told the fixed price --- affordable with monthly payments.

YES! IT WAS EASY ~ it is now one year later! My teeth are streight; my teeth look nice, my profile is back to normal ~ I feel great.
Dental Arts At Front is the only visit and consultation you need.


(Translated by Google) Dr. Kurtz is very friendly and kind.I am so happy to meet him!

At first, I was said that my treatment will be 20 thousand Canadian dollars by my dentist in Japan ... I gave up to get treatment because of the price and the way to fix my tooth (it was not invisible one)
Then I found this place; Dental Arts @ Front in Canada.
This place and Dr. Kurtz has changed my life! I got beautiful tooth and I can smile with confidence in about a year!
I'm so proud of myself that I sent email to them and have the consultation.I was scared because I can't speak English very well but I really wanted to get invisible braces.He explained me everything in an easy way to understand, so I've never felt like anxiety at all.
I recommend you to get your phone and ask them first and get your perfect tooth even if you are student or working-holiday worker like me! You'll be beautiful !!!!

"It costs 2 million yen in Japan, and it takes at least 3 years." I was affirmed that orthodontic treatment was not possible because of double teeth and poor alignment. After coming to Canada for a working holiday, I was still worried about my teeth and rushed to this dentist. My treatment cost, which is said to be 2 million yen, is less than 800,000 yen, including tooth extraction. And all treated with Invisaline, I got a tooth that is incredibly beautiful. Thanks to the teacher who cleaned up so far in a limited time of only one year (it is actually shorter)! Orthodontic appliances that are common in Japan are also common in Canada! Not ashamed at all! If you can only stay for one year like me, straightening is possible! Now I can show my teeth with confidence and laugh.

Thank you so much Dr. Kurtz and all people who work at Dental Arts @Front!

Dr. Kurtz is very friendly and kind. I am so happy to meet him!

At first, I was said that my treatment will be 20 thousand Canadian dollars by my dentist in Japan...I gave up to get treatment because of the price and the way to fix my tooth (it was not invisible one)
Then I found this place; Dental Arts @ Front in Canada.
This place and Dr. Kurtz has changed my life! I got beautiful tooth and I can smile with confidence in about a year!
I'm so proud of myself that I sent email to them and have the consultation. I was scared because I can't speak English very well but I really wanted to get invisible braces. He explained me everything in an easy way to understand, so I've never felt like anxiety at all.
I recommend you to get your phone and ask them first and get your perfect tooth even if you are student or working-holiday worker like me! You'll be beautiful!!!!


Thank you so much Dr. Kurtz and all people who work at Dental Arts @Front !

Katherine Cosburn

I had an amazing experience with the whole of the Dental Arts team. Getting my invisalign braces was the second best investment of my life to date (the first being my education). And I can't imagine having had a better experience through the whole process than with these guys. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Kurtz.

Jimmy L

I was skeptical at first to use Invisilign as I thought my case was not treatable. Dr. Kurtz assured me, and walked me through step by step on how he was going to do it and it made so much sense. So I decided to go through with it and I don't regret it one bit. It might be much to say, but it really did change my life. I can smile a whole lot more now.

Judy Stoimenov

The level of superb service provided by your office and great lengths to which both Dr.Kurtz and supporting staff went to ensure my comfort were truly extraordinary . I am forever grateful with the outstanding results. The process of the procedure was effortless /painless. I will certainly be referring your services. Thank you!!!!!

sarah stinchcombe

I cannot recommend Invisalign or Dr. Kurtz enough. I went in for a consultation without the full expectation of going through with the treatment but the staff and Dr.Kurtz made me feel so comfortable and were so accommodating that I knew I needed to do this. They are so flexible with appointments and offer payment plans if you need them. I am about a month away from being finished with my Invisalign treatment and have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about the entire experience.


From start to finish the care I received from Dr. Kurtz and all his staff was incredible. I had the best experience and looked forward to my appointments. All the staff are so friendly and helpful. As for my teeth they are incredible and I would 100% recommend Dental arts at front to anyone.

Ankit Sharma

Top notch professionalism and Orthodontics treatment. The care and attention Dr. Kurtz and his team provides is of the highest quality. The staff are extremely proficient and helpful immediately putting the most nervous of patients at ease.

I gave them a good challenge but Dr. Kurtz delivered and I can finally smile in photos! I would highly recommend Dental Arts to anyone.

M Lafontaine

Great experience from start to finish. Excellent communication throughout, very professional and well organized to maintain very prompt appointment times. Best prices of any other service I researched.
I recommend the Acceledent! Speeds up results with minimal fuss.
Well done Dr. Kurtz.

Myriam hachana

Great experience every time I visit!

Susie H

Excellent customer service as always despite finishing my treatment a few years back.
I can’t recommend Dr Kurtz and Team enough ! Very professional and a beautiful calm, clean environment.

Paige Martin

Amazing experience every time I visit. Friendly and professional staff. Super clean and advanced facility. Appointments are always efficient and on point. I feel like I’m visiting a celebrity dentist, Dr. Kurtz is the bomb.

Coleen Webster

My invisalign experience with Dr Kurtz and team has been fast and professional. My appointments were always timely, any questions or concerns I had were listened to and resolved. The after care service has been tremendous also, any issues I have had with my wire etc the team were happy to rectify. I would definitely recommend to a friend 😀

Cuba Alegre

Very professional.

Anna Kravchenko

Very good experience. Passionate and knowledgeable doctor.

Nicholas Anumudu

Great service and staff!!

Louiza Szacon

Such kind and contentious staff! Dr. Kurtz is great - very patient and willing to answer all my questions. They focus on Invisalign too, so the service is premium.

Jonny Fanning

Absolutely phenomenal experience from start to finish. From going in for a consultation for invisalign to being finished with it now, Dr. Kurtz and his amazing staff always made me feel welcome and cared for. Even dropping in unannounced to buy the cleaning tablets for my invisalign I was welcomed by name and a ‘good to see you’ which really stood out to me. They are a dental practice with 5 star luxury hotel customer service. During the beginning of the pandemic they were so helpful with getting trays out to me, which I know from my friends experiences, other dentists didn’t. They’re a class act and you’d be crazy not to go here for your invisalign needs. Thank you so much Dr. Kurtz and team.

James-ley Fenelon

The staff there are amazing. I had a really good experience!!

Wafa Kilani

Dr. Jeremy Kurtz and all stuff are absolutely the best.

Starr Btk

I have been working on getting my teeth fixed at dental arts for about a year now. The staff at Dental arts are very kind and professional. The space is very clean and sanitized. My teeth are now in the retainer stage, and I feel more confident in my smile thanks to Dr. Kurtz and his team.


Jazz Clement

What an incredible experience being serviced by Dr. Kurtz' team. The staff is friendly, professional, and will always go above and beyond to help meet expectations. Having gone in every 6-8 weeks for check ups it was always so nice being welcomed from everyone. Going to miss my regular visits, but am so happy with the outcome of my smile!


Clean space, nice staff and my teeth is well on its way to being straight again via invisilign. Also, very reasonable pricing. (Some context, I had braces as a kid back in my home town and didn’t take care of my teeth so they shifted pretty badly)


After months of searching for the perfect Invisalign dentistry. I was so grateful to have found Dr.Kurtz. He was exactly what I was looking for, friendly, welcoming and most importantly , great at what he does. Our first initial meet was through ZOOM!! Because of COVID -19, of course precautions were needed.I was certain of his services from the moment we talked. After a few visits I was excited because I new I could count on him to make sure the progress would go smooth and that’s exactly what happen. As a new patient, as long as you do your part , you just make things easier for everyone and yourself. I wore my Invisalign for 22hrs a day and made sure to floss, brush etc. It just makes things a lot easier on the staff and yourself.

Thank you
to Dr.Kurtz and the entire Dental Arts Team.💕

Katie L

My experience with Dr. Kurtz and his staff was very good. The consult was very professional and informative. All the staff was friendly and all my visits have been pleasant and fast.

Trishawna Peart

I love that the atmosphere in the office is so warm and welcoming and how friendly , forthcoming and knowledgeable dr. Kurtz is . The staff members are also very friendly and amazing. They went above and beyond for me for my wedding which was before my end date and now that I’m at the end of my Invisalign process, I can say that I am well pleased . Thanks again for the amazing service

Sravani Seethi

Dr. Jeremy is very knowledgeable and friendly, answered all my questions. Would recommend!


Very professional, on time, courteous. Happy I went with Dental Arts!

Michael Fanous

The initial consult was very informative. We reviewed the 3D imaging and had a free consult with the dentist who explained the treatment plan. Another employee reviewed the pricing, scheduling, and offered me a referral discount for which I am grateful. I look forward now to the results!

Jess Li

Highly recommend this place. They are extremely efficient, friendly and overall great service!

Mr Oli

I love the care & professionalism they did on making my smile great again. I personally liked how smooth the whole transformation went the entire year. I would strongly recommend anyone to come & get their chicklets straightened at Dental Arts.

Marina Reznicova

As promised, here is my happy review! Dental Arts at Lawrence was my last out of 6 consultations that I went to get my quote for Invisalign, and to be honest, I wasn't even excited anymore at this point, so I had no hopes of getting my teeth priced at the amount that I was willing to pay for them to be fixed. I had very pleasant my very first visit, and when I had satisfying price quote comparing to other places in GTA. They do give you a reasonable price, trust me because I did my homework research. Dr. Kurtz was consulting me during initial closures due to pandemic thru online consultation. I never had issues with my aligners thru out my 10- month course and now I'm just another happy happy client. I do recommend him, he knows his product and work, plus his ad on the website was a catching part and I thought " I was not going to be that case", but again I was surprised. I will be referring my friends and family to him. Pay him a visit and you will have beautiful teeth in no time for fair price! Thank you, Dr. Kurtz!

Elene Meketé

I came to Dr. Kurtz after receiving multiple refusals from others that said I was not a candidate for Invisalign treatment. I had a fairly complicated case of overcrowding, but Dr. Kurtz was the first person who didn’t seem to blink an eye - he and his entire team were incredibly welcoming and professional! They walked me through the entire step of the process. After finishing my treatment, I am very pleased with the transformation of my smile. I would recommend Dental Arts to any one looking to get Invisalign. Thank you for providing the utmost care and a wonderfully positive dental experience!


Amazing service from start to the end. Every step of my consultation was explained clearly, and all concerns and questions were covered, before I even got to ask.

Michelle Kvenich

By far the best service I have ever experienced. Staff are professional, friendly and accommodating. Dr. Kurtz’s is very educational! He will explain all options and will map out the end results, in front of you. You are never in the dark about answers. Every visit, you will see your results. Dr. Kurtz’s explains your timeline (Verbally and on Computer Visual) on where you are and where you are going be (end date). I highly recommend!!!!!!!!
I would rate 100 stars if I could but google will only allow 5.
Dr.Kurtz’s and his Team will treat you right.

Seema Bhatnagar

I am so happy I picked Dr. Kurtz and his professional team to straighten my teeth. It is always a pleasure going in for my appointments and I am so happy with my results. He will see you until you are satisfied with the results which is very rare. Such a gem of place. Thank you Dr. Kurtz and to your amazing team. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends or family.


A great dentist who knows what he is talking about

Michele Bourque

Nice modern clean environment, staff is welcoming and friendly, Doctor Kurtz is helpful knowledgeable and kind, best Invisalign experience

Karen Parkinson

I highly recommend Dr. Kurtz for invisalign treatment. He is a clever, competent dentist, with fantastic rapport that would put anyone at ease, and same goes for his lovely staff. So far he has done an outstanding job on my teeth with the dental challenges I presented him with, including recession and some bone loss he had to navigate around, and a few other problem issues. I am pleased with how Dr. Kurtz has skillfully shaped everything, but more so pleased with the reduction of chronic pain due to this process stabilizing my teeth. My expectations have been exceeded. Thank you!

Catherine Kyakuhaire

The customer service is great and the waiting time is minimal. I like their professionalism and how they connect with me on an individual level and this is amazing.
The amount of patience and commitment they have to see that you get the best results, has made this whole experience worth the money and l am happy with my results, I recommend their services 100%

Daniela Novoa

Great!!! My treatment is almost done and I'm very happy with the results!

Sinthia Nancy

Excellent customer service and everyone is so good


I’m so happy with my Invisalign journey, Dr. Jeremy Kurtz is the best. He really does take good care of you and for sure, you’ll be happy with the end results. I really do recommend this place, Dental Arts.


Great caring and efficient services wonderful staff always pleasant

Reginald paa-kweku

My experience at Dental Arts At Lawrence has been great. I started my invisalign process last yea around April and it's been going great. Dr. Kurtz and his staff are amazing!! They are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend if you want to get an invisalign done. My teeth was very spacy and wanted to get the space closed and thanks to my invisalign from Dr. Kurtz at Dental Arts At Lawrence now I can my teeth is finally how I want it to look. I am super happy with my new set of teeth!! 😁

Christine Smith

Extremely professional. Everything went well and I was finished in the time promised.
Very good at reminders for appointments. Never had to wait-always punctual. The entire experience was easy and the results amazing-just what I was hoping for!

Jo Vesh

What a wonderful office! The staff and doctor are lovely. My twin sister and I are loving the way are teeth are turning out , the simplicity of the appointments and the super convenient reminders . Would recommend 10 fold

Dianshi Wang

Dr. Jeremy Kurtz and his team are excellent. Great service!

Dennis Leslie

Professional service, kind staff and exceptional results. Highly recommended!

Jay-Anne Chico

I love coming here! The staff is so nice , everyone takes good care of you here! I have a fear of going to the dentist and they always make my experience easy and fast. They know how to take good care of their patients! Love how my teeth are moving, thank you Dr. Kurtz and the team! Highly recommend this place

Mariah Thompson

What a great office! Dr. Jeremy Kurtz is an exceptional dentist, very knowledgeable and skilled with Invisalign. The staff is very friendly and organized! As a dental hygienist, I refer many of my friends and patients who are interested in Invisalign to go for a consultation. I'm just over 6 months into my treatment and the results are great! Having straight teeth isn't just ecstatically pleasing, theres so many additional benefits that you will learn about through your Invisalign journey. If you question whether or not you should check out this office, give it a chance! I'm so happy I made this decision. Thank you very much Dr. Kurtz and team!

shannon meipoom

Dr Jeremy Kurtz is very knowledgeable and friendly. He and his staff were always polite and patient with my son. The whole Invisalign process was very easy, and had noticeable improvements. My son had a painless experience. I would take my younger son there to get Invisaligns done.

Dan Westmoreland

had a very good experience with dental arts! Everyone was friendly and professional. I had an implant and Invisalign treatment and I can say that I am very pleased with the results. Highly reccomended!

Joshua Hanek

An absolutely pleasant experience. Everyone at Dr. Kurtz's office was so kind and informative. I do not have even one negative thing to say. I would highly recommend this treatment.

André Capaldi

I cannot fully express with words how pleased I am with Dr. Kurtz and the invisalign treatment he provided for me. I did my research and found that he was the best invisalign provider in Toronto. He met and exceeded my expectations. Since he only does invisalign, he's a total expert with the system and knows a number of handy tips and tricks to enhance the experience and treatment.

I strongly recommend Dr. Kurtz for anyone looking for a top notch invisalign experience. He's simply the best!!


I was a patient of Dr. Kurtz more than 2 years ago, and finished my treatment about a year ago. I had braces before getting Invisalign and I have to say that my experience with Invisalign has been absolutely fantastic! I actually have lasting results with Invisalign than I ever did with braces (probably because my orthodontist at the time recommended those terrible rubber night guard retainers!!!) The whole process is well thought out - from a comfortable homey office, to friendly staff and financing assistance (I didn't need it, but it's great that a dentist would help you out with it!). The best part is that he has tons of years of experience specializing in Invisalign and he also uses Invisalign on himself. Kind of gives you the confidence booster that he's the real deal 🙂

Shah Ali

Let me start this post off by saying that I was denied by 2 other dentists and orthodontists for invisalign before sourcing Dr. Kurtz's office. Yes, you read that right, 2 doctor's in this space said my crowding was so bad that I had to go the traditional route with metal braces and that it would take 24-30 months! I refused to accept this and contacted Invisalign directly who recommended that I look for a highest rated Invisalign provider nearest me, who turned out to be Dr. Kurtz. Not only was he able to accept me as an Invisalign patient, I completed treatment in 13 months! He has the latest technology and is aware of the best ways to get your perfect smile. On top of that, he has a rock star staff that are always pleasant to deal with enjoy their work. I ask a lot of questions, but they're always happy to answer all of them. If it wasn't for Dr. Kurtz and their recommendation on Acceledent, I would still be stuck in braces. I put my trust in their knowledge and it's completely paid off. My new straight teeth are what I've always hoped for. My hygienist loves how easy they are to clean and it's changed my life. I can't thank you enough Dr. Kurtz (and staff).

Beauty Bam (Beauty Bam)

Dr. Kurtz did a phenomenal job on my teeth. I had a lot of crowding and always wanted braces, but didn't see how I could afford them. The helpful staff at Dentistry on Lawrence provided me with different financing options to help make my dream of a perfect smile come true.

Today I get so many compliments on my smile and I can walk down the aisle with straight teeth and more importantly, confidence.

Thank you to Dr. Kurtz and his amazing staff for making this experience painless and making my smile beautiful!

5 stars across the board!

Finance Coordinator

Dr. Kurtz saved my smile! The year long treatment with Invisalign was well worth it. Jackie the receptionist was also very friendly and always there to help with paperwork!

Mahya Tavakkoli

Great Doctor.

Jiliane Golczyk

During an extended layover in Toronto, I experienced an emergency with my braces. I walked in without an appointment and despite Dr. Kurtz' very busy schedule, he managed to see me right away and fix my problem with a high degree of professionalism and expertise!

In addition he and his team were extremely kind and accommodating, i would highly recommend his office to anyone!

Christian Debra

Where do I start.. I think like most others when I began my procedure with Dr. Kurtz, seeing the 3D simulated version of how my smile would look after the process seemed far-fetched and too good to be true. Nonetheless, I went ahead. And maaaaaaan oh man.. I barely used to smile and even laughing in public settings was difficult for me. But now? I smile with C O N F I D E N C E. Not only does he know what he's doing, he gives honest opinions and offers suggestions.. but unlike other professionals he won't do it to persuade or deter you from your preferred options. Dr. Kurtz is very professional but SO personable as well. The rest of the team at his office are just as friendly and it's almost as if they function as a family there. The receptionists knew me by name, and would remember little details like.. when I travelled out the country and made advances at my business and it's those things that kept me happy coming back. Would I recommend this place? Yes.. Yes.. and YES!! God bless you all at Dental Arts.. I appreciated all the efforts and work you all put in for me!


Being an Englishman I normally have a deathly fear of dentists, and their dark mystical arts 🙂 . However, being treated by Dr. Kurtz and his staff changed that. Dr. Kurtz and his team made my procedure painless, bearable and in some befuddling way enjoyable. I have to give a special mention to one of his staff, she helped me allay some of fears and trepidation. I think her name is Jennifer, wait no it's Jackie :-).

I highly recommend going there,

Michèle Kusuti

Dr. Kurtz and his team are great- very friendly crew!

I went through the Invisalign process in just over a short year and I would recommend him to anyone looking 🙂

Marisa F

Really great experience - super friendly and patient!! 🙂

Jenny Mary J

Dr. Kurtz is a really dedicated, hard-working, patient and ON-time dentist. Personally, I have really appreciated his respect for time. He is efficient and makes sure your appointment is thorough, yet done in a timely manner. If you are interested in Invisalign, I would highly recommend going nowhere else but with Dr. Kurtz. His staff - Amber, Jackie, Eda, etc. are some of the best staff I have come across - cool, friendly, organized, and clear communicators. I'd give the establishment 6 stars if I could. Go Dr. Kurtz go.

Andy Peterson

Very pleased!
Dr Kurtz gave me my smile back, and I can't thank him enough.
His office is beautiful, and I never had to wait to see him. Appointments are quick, but never rushed. He takes time to answer all your questions.
Top notch service, highly recommended.
If you are on the fence about getting your teeth fixed, DO IT!

Mz Som

Thank you Dr Kurtz my year is all up, that was very fast. He gave me the confidence to smile now, can't believe the results. He did a such a great job, very knowledgeable. All the staffs were awesome. Madison ( I hope I got your name right) loved trading stories with you and big thanks to Eda who sat with me every visit. She was so caring , friendly and comforting. She is such a wonderful person. Overall experience was excellent definitely recommend.

Kelly Alberto-Acosta

After having called various orthodontists and dentists regarding quotes for braces (regular, and Invisalign) I decided to check out Dr. Kurtz as he seemed to have one of the best rates offered at that time. After my initial consultation (Fall 2012), I felt that Dr. Kurtz not only offered a great rate, but he also seemed highly knowledgeable, was pleasant and friendly, and is a bit of a perfectionist (which is exactly what I want!). He has been open and considerate to all of my questions and concerns, and ultimately > makes sure his clients are happy. I definitely recommend anyone who is interested in getting Invaslign braces to go see Dr. Kurtz!

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