Invisalign Do's & Don'ts: All you need to know

 Asad A | April 9, 2024

Invisalign is popular among teens and adults because it's made from a clear plastic material, making it nearly invisible during treatment. If you're undergoing Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, we've compiled a list of Invisalign Do's and Don'ts to help you along the way.

Do's of Invisalign Treatment

The important Do's of Invisalign treatment are:

Wear Invisalign for 22 Hours a Day

Make sure to wear your Invisalign aligners for 20-22 hours every day to achieve the best results. Take them out only while eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.

Clean your Aligners

Make it a habit to clean your Invisalign aligners daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm water. This helps remove plaque and bacteria buildup, preventing potential dental issues. Additionally, you can use Invisalign cleaning crystals for thorough cleaning.

Clean Your Teeth Before Placing Aligners

Ensure to brush and floss your teeth before putting on your aligners. This prevents food particles from getting trapped inside the aligners, reducing plaque and bacteria buildup. Good oral hygiene during Invisalign treatment is crucial to prevent dental issues.

Cut down on Snacks & Coffee

Cutting down on snacking and coffee breaks is essential during Invisalign treatment. Removing your aligners for every snack or coffee break can hinder their effectiveness. Even having coffee without removing aligners can stain them, compromising their appearance. So, it's best to minimize snacking and coffee consumption while wearing Invisalign.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Maintain your regular oral hygiene routine as instructed by your orthodontist. Brush after every meal and floss at least once a day while undergoing Invisalign treatment.

Keep Aligner in designated Case

Only store your Invisalign aligners in their designated case. Avoid leaving them loosely anywhere, as they can become damaged or lost. Keeping them in the case also protects them from germs and ensures they remain safe when not in use.

Be Confident & Keep Smiling

Stay confident and keep smiling during your Invisalign treatment. Since your aligners are invisible, you can freely laugh, joke around, attend parties, give presentations, or perform on stage without feeling self-conscious.

Don'ts of Invisalign Treatment

Some important Don'ts of Invisalign treatment are:

Not wearing Invisalign for a Long Time

Make sure to put your Invisalign aligners back on promptly after eating and brushing your teeth. Don't wait too long to reinsert them, as leaving them out for extended periods can reduce their effectiveness in fixing misaligned teeth. Set reminders on your phone to help you remember to wear them consistently.

Avoid Eating or Drinking While Wearing Aligners

Avoid eating or drinking while wearing the aligners, as they are not designed to withstand the pressure from chewing and may become damaged. Additionally, consuming anything other than water while wearing aligners can cause staining. Follow your orthodontist's instructions, and always remove your aligners before eating or drinking.

Expose Invisalign to Air & Heat

Do not leave your Invisalign aligners exposed to air or heat. Keep them stored in their case when not in use. Avoid drinking hot beverages or rinsing your aligners with hot water, as heat can cause them to warp and lose their shape.

Taking Smoke Breaks or Smoke With Aligners

Avoid taking frequent smoke breaks or smoking while wearing your aligners. If you smoke, try to schedule it around meal times or reduce the frequency of smoking. Never smoke while wearing Invisalign, as it can cause discoloration. Consider using this opportunity to work on quitting smoking altogether.

Use Harsh Products to Clean Invisalign

Don't use harsh or strong cleaning products on your Invisalign aligners, as they can cause scratches that make them more noticeable. Also, avoid using scented or strong cleansers. Instead, opt for Invisalign cleaning crystals, specifically designed to clean your aligners effectively without causing damage.

Eating Sugary & Sticky Foods

While there are no strict dietary restrictions during Invisalign treatment, it's essential to be mindful of sugary and sticky foods. Consuming excessive amounts of these foods can increase the risk of tooth damage and cavities.

Delay Appointment With Orthodontist

Avoid skipping or delaying appointments with your orthodontist during your Invisalign treatment. Regular check-ups are crucial for monitoring progress and making necessary adjustments. Typically, you'll need to see your orthodontist every 6-12 weeks, but these visits are shorter compared to traditional braces appointments. Schedule appointments in advance to keep your treatment on track efficiently.


Mastering the Invisalign Do's & Don'ts is the key to achieving the smile you desire. By embracing these guidelines, you'll ensure smoother progress and maximize the effectiveness of your orthodontic journey.

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Can I drink coffee while wearing Invisalign aligners?

It's best to avoid consuming coffee while wearing Invisalign, as it can stain the aligners.

How frequently should I clean my Invisalign aligners?

It's recommended that you clean your aligners daily to maintain oral hygiene.

Can I eat with Invisalign aligners in?

It's recommended to remove your aligners before eating to prevent damage and maintain hygiene.


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