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iTero™ Scanner in Toronto ON

We are proud to offer a quick and easy way to take impressions of your teeth in preparation for the Invisalign treatment: We now have the innovative iTero Scanner at our Toronto, ON dental office.

iTero™ Scanner – Impressionless Scanning

iTero Scanner Toronto

Your dentist Dr. Kurtz utilizes the state-of-the-art iTero Scanner to create your custom-fitted Invisalign aligners. This technology creates a digital scan of your smile, capturing the contours of your teeth and their gingival structures in great detail.

The Benefits of iTero™:
  • Better fitting aligners
  • Better patient experience
  • Faster results

This revolutionary technology not only helps us do our job at the optimal level, but it also improves your overall patient experience as well as the end result.

If you would like more detail on how you can benefit from the iTero™ Scanner at our Toronto office, please do not hesitate to contact your dentist at Invisalign Toronto today. We will gladly provide you with a free consultation and/or schedule an appointment to demonstrate the dentistry of tomorrow – today!

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