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Invisalign Teen Toronto

Invisalign Teen In Toronto

Toronto dentist, Dr. Jeremy Kurtz, is an Invisalign® Provider. As part of our treatment options for some of our younger patients, we are proud to offer an innovative orthodontics technology known as Invisalign Teen!

Invisalign Teen In Toronto

What is Invisalign Teen?

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Invisalign Teen operates on the same principle as the standard Invisalign system, gradually straightening your teeth using a series of transparent aligners. Both systems effectively treat cross-, under- or overbites, widely spaced teeth, overcrowded teeth, and much more. However, Invisalign Teen offers additional features specially designed for the treatment challenges common with teenage dental patients, including:

  • A Compliance Indicator, which ensures that the aligner is worn for the required 20-22 hours each day. If so, the blue dot on each side of the aligner will fade.
  • Eruption control and root torque, which promote proper growth of new teeth that may appear throughout the course of the treatment.
  • Up to a total of 6 free replacement aligners in the case of loss.

The teen orthodontics system also offers all the benefits of standard Invisalign, including:

  • ✓ Improved self-esteem through a virtually invisible treatment, which no one will ever notice.
  • ✓ Fully removable aligners that present absolutely no challenges to eating, brushing and flossing the way you normally would.
  • ✓ Perfect comfort through the lack of irritating metal wires or brackets in your mouth, and fewer trips to the dentist for adjustments.
  • ✓ Affordable pricing through a variety of financing options and health insurance coverage.
If you would like to learn more about what the Invisalign Teen procedure entails, please see the Invisalign page on our website. We will also be happy to provide additional details, as well as define any terms you may not be familiar with, when you call us for an initial consultation.

If you are considering Invisalign Teen, please do not hesitate to call or email our Toronto dental office today. You are guaranteed to love this treatment and your teenager will too!

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Dr. Jeremy Kurtz, DDS

Dr. Jeremy Kurtz graduated from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry in 2000 and completed numerous hours of Invisalign training prior to becoming an Invisalign provider in 2005. To date, Dr. Kurtz has treated over 2,500 Invisalign cases, and mentors other dentists in Invisalign Therapy. Committed to professional development and maintaining the highest standards of care, Dr. Kurtz is a member of The Ontario Dental Association, The Canadian Dental Association, and The American Academy of Clear Aligners. Overall, Dr. Kurtz stays abreast of all that is new in dentistry to give patients a healthy smile that looks the way they always imagined.