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AcceleDent® Toronto Dentist

AcceleDent Toronto

AcceleDent® Speeds Up Invisalign Treatment by up to 50%

At Invisalign Toronto, we understand that even a treatment as simple and comfortable as Invisalign can be too lengthy for some patients. Whether you have an extra-special occasion coming up or simply wish to straighten your teeth as soon as possible, you now have the option to accelerate your treatment through an innovative technology known as AcceleDent. If you are interested in AcceleDent, your dentist in Toronto would be happy to provide it for you!

What is AcceleDent?®

AcceleDent- Important Part of Invisalign Treatment

AcceleDent is an electronic device that significantly decreases the length of your Invisalign treatment – in many cases, by up to 50%. This technology also works with traditional as well as clear braces.
During a regular orthodontics treatment, teeth are moved to their ideal position when constant pressure is applied on them, stimulating the necessary bone restructuring to accommodate the new alignment. AcceleDent not only speeds up this process in a safe and efficient manner, but it actually makes the treatment more comfortable.

How does it Work?

When you begin your Invisalign treatment, your dentist Dr. Kurtz will provide you with the AcceleDent mouthpiece in addition to your plastic aligners. The mouthpiece, worn for approximately 20 minutes each day, sends high-frequency micro pulses to your uppers and lower jaws, stimulating the bone and surrounding gum tissue to reform more quickly.

To learn more about Acceledent from your dentist in Toronto, ON, we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and determine whether this procedure is right for you. Please feel free to contact us at Invisalign Toronto today!

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Dr. Jeremy Kurtz, DDS

Dr. Jeremy Kurtz graduated from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry in 2000 and completed numerous hours of Invisalign training prior to becoming an Invisalign provider in 2005. To date, Dr. Kurtz has treated over 2,500 Invisalign cases, and mentors other dentists in Invisalign Therapy. Committed to professional development and maintaining the highest standards of care, Dr. Kurtz is a member of The Ontario Dental Association, The Canadian Dental Association, and The American Academy of Clear Aligners. Overall, Dr. Kurtz stays abreast of all that is new in dentistry to give patients a healthy smile that looks the way they always imagined.